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It's New! Lorenzo al Dino: Ibiza


Lorenzo al Dino redefines his house sound with the latest infectious long player "Ibiza". This keeps him pushing things forward. It has become a dance album against the current movement. Against the mentality of adaptation. Without concessions to any rules. Producer and DJ Lorenzo al Dino started his career in the 80s and has been enjoying a solid run for the past decades. After 36 years in music industry, including 31 years in Ibiza, he has cleared numerous prizes, 1 platinum and 3 gold albums. Tracks such as "On the Beach", "Hypnotized" and "good times" have made it into the main charts.
His last albums were vocal house, deep house and quite indie house oriented. Now he surprises his fans with mercilessly clubalicious acid - tribal - tech house. Lorenzo sees his fifth album as a complement to his current attitude to dance music. "My music emerges from the heart. I do not care what other people think.There is a lack of courage in our industry to do something different. Instead, most DJs always play the same crap from the charts on heavy rotation over and over again." For Lorenzo al Dino 'Ibiza' is more than vivid evocation: "I see it as an ode to my last 31 years on the island of Ibiza - my second home. It is always magic. When I get out of the plane, the happiness hormones grab me anew. The island has never let me down. Like a good friend." He describes his relationship. 'Ibiza' is an almost purely instrumental listening experience. Small melodies are slowly built up to high intensity, exploding as a result and disappear as a feast. Only two tracks with vocals interrupt the driving sound-stimuli. "Unicorn" and "How love can be" fulfill their purpose as a temporary outburst.
The brakes are apt, but unorthodox, and give the album its driving force - its digital extravaganza. The legendary Moog synthesizer, Juno and 303 bassline, the 808 drum machine and the 909 snare - all what makes the 90s sound great paired with the electronic possibilities in the present. This Album sounds as if it could have been written 20 years ago. But it also sounds like an album, which could only be released to the market in 2017.
Release date:30.06.2017
Total discs:1
Total play time:2:20:20
Genre(s):Dance, Tech House

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