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Lorenzo al Dino - Wicked Horizon
1. Extended Mix / Original Mix
2. (Extended) Instrumental Mix
Lorenzo al Dino has the power to produce only top quality music that goes straight to the listeners’ soul. Here we are again on lorenZOO Records teaming up with Dominic Donner for a slammin’ vocal project called Wicked Horizon, that we’re sure will not fail to live up your expectations. The level of depth in this production means that you’ll hear something new on every listening. If you are wanting deep house for adults, in all its complexity, this is the release for you! Directly from IBIZA - Watch the horizon, feel the sunset and enjoy the positive energy.

Track list

  • 01
    Wicked Horizon (Extended Mix)
    By Lorenzo al Dino
  • 02
    Wicked Horizon (Extended Instrumental Mix)
    By Lorenzo al Dino

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