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7TH District - Heart of Glass (Lorenzo al Dino & Javi Viana Remix)

There are hundreds of cover versions of Blondie's Heart of Glass, but very few have taken the risk of turning this classic into an underground track. However, the members of 7th District were not afraid - their interpretations of Wish You Were Here, Wicked Game, On the Beach, Lullaby, With or Without You, and many more have consistently demonstrated the amazing possibilities that exist with creativity. Their new interpretation of Heart of Glass leaves nothing to be desired; it is powerful, with a bass that will make your hair stand on end, yet at the same time, they show respect for the original song. With the addition of Berlin singer Marie Chain, 7th District has added yet another highlight to their already impressive catalog, and it's almost as if they sampled Blondie's voice. However, that's not the case; it's just great singing. By the way, 7th District's last single lullaby reached #10 in the UK Club Charts. It's now your turn to bring this version to the dance floor and hope that we will all rock together to this fantastic new version.

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