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Lorenzo Al Dino - Brekfast


In Ibiza, there are several lovely breakfast spots worth visiting. From delicious croissants to freshly squeezed orange juice and other treats, there's much to kickstart a warm summer day. This was one of the reasons why Lorenzo wanted to produce the song 'Breakfast' - to evoke youthful memories. Hypothetically, this track should be a hit. Radios should be playing it non-stop, and people at the beach clubs would go wild. But that's just hypothetical. Now it's up to you, whether hypothetically or in reality - however you decide, we love the track! 

Lorenzo al Dino is much more than just a DJ and producer; many already refer to him as a legend. Numerous fans and followers listen to and love his extensive productions. From Organic to Afro house, from Melodic to Progressive, he produces and releases tracks almost monthly under various aliases, which are featured on numerous Spotify playlists and radio shows. His name speaks for itself, just like with his latest work, „Breakfast,'

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